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The Answers You Need

How do I contact

At this time, the best way to establish contact is to email Melinda at or to use the Get In Touch/ Contact options on this site.

How will I be billed and how will I pay?

Your invoice will be created through Stripe and you will be able to send payment through Stripe.

How quickly will the work be delivered?

Each project is a unique agreement: some will have a much tighter turn-around time than others. Their urgency may be reflected in their pricing. You will always be aware of deadlines and you will be able to agree to them before the work begins.

Can deadlines be renegotiated?

Perhaps. Modifying deadlines is not ideal, but life happens and sometimes we need to change time frames. Please note that thee is no guarantee that a change is possible, and  renegotiating a shorter deadline will increase your price rather significantly.

What if work is late?

Hopefully this will not happen. If it does, however, then as a new deadline is established, a new, lower price will also be negotiated.

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