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Welcome to Writing to the Rescue

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Writing to the Rescue Services

I will write to your rescue

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I will help your writing be its best.

Revise and resubmits for articles, drafts of graduate school work, rewrites of projects within and outside of academia.


Your ideas put into words - good words.

Prospectus work, research design, concept chapters. Ghostwriting possible.


Help with your advocacy work.

Grant-writing consultations, policy and political research, focus groups, DEI training.

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About Writing to the Rescue

Verification ==================================================================


I hereby claim:

  * I am an admin of

  * I am mkovacs ( on keybase.

  * I have a public key ASDIQVJclRjDbdTGrCGH3NZETPKK5IWDId2ecoDhTy2JEAo

To do so, I am signing this object:


  "body": {

    "key": {

      "eldest_kid": "0120c841525c9518c36dd4c6ac2187dcd6444cf28ae4858321dd9e7280e14f2d89100a",

      "host": "",

      "kid": "0120c841525c9518c36dd4c6ac2187dcd6444cf28ae4858321dd9e7280e14f2d89100a",

      "uid": "7e842399f109d56d7b5214954e6f3319",

      "username": "mkovacs"


    "merkle_root": {

      "ctime": 1666183492,

      "hash": "57480c2478ea1791970a7021be171fb41ff4e46f72424f03990048bbd8672801cc9e3e02e0271a680598ab51f799bd5156bcb7982797714dee57170e280c91aa",

      "hash_meta": "3117b9462ce596b5667abe2c7d2417c7dcfb9102f4f672ca502d865e7b2e4122",

      "seqno": 23396454


    "service": {

      "entropy": "mgbmAENRMVFkaP+RZHlDopDv",

      "hostname": "",

      "protocol": "https:"


    "type": "web_service_binding",

    "version": 2


  "client": {

    "name": " go client",

    "version": "6.0.1"


  "ctime": 1666183518,

  "expire_in": 504576000,

  "prev": "cf980fa67d301c011cc03f1f22bf3389dd362f21694db016bbe5b5a655649274",

  "seqno": 6,

  "tag": "signature"


which yields the signature:


And finally, I am proving ownership of this host by posting or

appending to this document.

View my publicly-auditable identity here:


 You can find out more about this site under the About tab, but since I  advertise myself as a 'wordsmith', I want to give you access to some of my published writing. Click the buttons below to read samples.  ~ Melinda Kovacs, Ph.D.

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My Story

A few things about me 

I was born and raised in Hungary, spent half of my adolescence in Algeria, and moved to the US to attend graduate school for political science. My first degree was an MA in French. My second was an MA in American Studies. Only then did I switch to political science. When I am not doing research or writing, I devotedly rescue cats and dogs. Blessedly, I am partnered with someone who is on board with having lots of animals live with us.

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Get in Touch

2836 Walnut Street Saint Joseph MO 64503

Thanks for submitting!

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Rates and Pricing

This is to give you an idea of my rates.

Astronomical Clock

Hourly Rates

From $40 to $100 for consultations and writing.
From $400 to $1000 for trainings.

Blocks of Wood

Fixed Price

Established on a case-by-case basis. Please note that there will be a great degree of variation depending on the type of work you need.

Whether a project works better as a fixed price or as an hourly rate, will be established when we discuss the work you would like me to do. No project will begin without a discussion (in person or via Zoom) and an agreement that we are both happy.

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